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ImseVimse Swim Diapers

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This is a swim diaper and bathing suit in one. Wear it alone or under a swim suit or swim trunks. Do not add anything to the inside; you do not want a swim diaper to be absorbent - it would just absorb pool water and could weigh the child down. The design is based on containment. Make sure it fits snugly without leaving red marks.  Contains snaps on one side for easy removal.


Just so you know: all swim diapers, including disposables are only for catching bowl movements.  Urine passes through both reusable swim diapers(like this one)  and disposables like (Huggies Little Swimmers).  When going to and from the pool, put a regular diaper on baby so that you don't have any accidents.


Size Chart:



0–1 months



1–3 months

11–17 lbs.



3–6 months

15–22 lbs.



6–15 months

20–26 lbs.


Extra Large

15–24 months

24–31 lbs.


Super Large

2–3 years

28–35 lbs.



Got a teething baby? We've got some new products that will help!

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You can now purchase Sophie the Giraffe at The Quilted Bear.  This is the most talked about teething toy for babies!


Teething Bling.  A stylish necklace for mom, a teether for baby. 

The Razberry pacifier for teething babies.

What's new at Little Rabbits booth at The Quilted Bear

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Finally a way to get rid of those crunchy diapers!  Normally when using cloth diapers you stay away from fabric softeners.  Now you don't have to be afraid.  Ecover leaves no chemical residue, so your fabrics are still absorbant!  You only want to use 1/2 capful on diapers. Which means one bottle of this stuff will last along time. Other benefits are:

Gentle on your skin with the power of nature!

  • Makes Ironing Easier. 
  • Naturally Softens and Freshens Your Laundry. 
  • Ideal for Baby Clothes.

Ecover Works For You And The Environment!

  • Reduces static cling.
  • Plant based ingredients gentle on your skin, not based on petrochemical ingredients.
  • No chemical residue.
  • Optimum level of biodegradability - far exceeds legislative requirements.
  • Safe for all river and marine life.
  • No animal testing.
  • Safe for septic tanks.

This product is now available for purchase at booth L-12 for $6.95 at The Quilted Bear in Provo.