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Butterfly Nursing Shawl



Our bodies change so much through pregnancy, postpartum and nursing stages - and not all for the best... Yes, we love our bodies, but sometimes it's nice to have something to wear that's not clingy. And when we're nursing, we don't want bright-patterned covers attracting attention when we want it least. That's when the Butterfly wrap comes in handy...

Not a silly-looking apron, but a very stylish, comfortable, flattering shawl or nursing cover that you don't have put on and off.

You'll look good and feel good wearing this soft Organic Cotton and Soy Shawl while pregnant and nursing. The women in these pics are real friends, 7-8 months pregnant, not models!

Real women love this design and the soft, lightweight feel and drape of the fabric. This jersey fabric is made from Organic Cotton, Soy waste (Very Eco) and some spandex for stretch.


"Stylish and practical - I love the Butterfly Wrap! It's been invaluable for nursing in public (and looking good all the while). It's a must-have when I leave the house." ~ Pesha W - Boulder Co

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